Plaid Processor Token

Fortress and Plaid have partnered to enable our mutual customers to use Plaid to authenticate and collect bank account details without ever touching sensitive data like bank account numbers.

To use Plaid with Fortress Trust, enable the Fortress processor in your Plaid dashboard. These will walk you through how to use Plaid to get a processor_token for your Client. Ultimately, you will get a response from Plaid that looks like what is below.

  "processor_token": "processor-sandbox-0asd1-a92nc",
  "request_id": "[Unique request ID]"

The processor_token corresponds to the user's bank account that was just connected with Plaid. The token can be passed to Fortress when creating the external account on an identity. Fortress will then pull the bank details from Plaid directly. If there is an error, the request will fail.

POST /api/trust/v1/external-accounts/financial

  "identityId": "08c13c35-1de2-4b64-8bde-b8192aaf1332",
  "processorToken": "<plaid-processor-token>",
  "financialAccountsProvider": "plaidProcessorToken"

This request will create a funds transfer method and then you can affect a payment from or to that account by submitting an ACH payment

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