Minting NFTs

Minting all tokens at once or on demand?

You may have noticed in the API references that you can mint both at the project level as well as the token level. You will designate the wallet you would like to mint to here as well. Minting at the project level will mint all draft tokens at the same time or you can designate which tokens to mint with their tokenId:

POST /mint/v1/projects/{projectId}/mint?WalletAddress=0x2b02B97999c4f75f8dD293C983ad1dEaC4E832AC&Tokens=2c2c6756-237c-4728-c9a9-08daef0a2f9a, 3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6

//Returns a 202 Project minting was accepted for processing

Minting at the token level allows you to mint individual tokens at any time (aka "mint on demand"). If you prefer to mint tokens individually on demand, like after a checkout process on a marketplace (aka "lazy minting"), a different call can be used to mint a particular token to its destination address:


//Returns a 202 Project minting was accepted for processing


Pre Minting

If you plan on pre minting in bulk to facilitate NFT transfers quicker, talk to your solutions engineer about deploying one of our ERC721a Smart Contracts!