Incoming(Deposit) Wires

An entity initiates a wire deposit by visiting their bank, and providing a set of wire instruction + amount to be sent. Wire deposits are simple by only needing to hit a single API endpoint in order to retrieve Fortress's wire instruction to provide to your end user.

GET /api/trust/v1/custodial-accounts/{custodialAccountId}/fiat-deposit-instructions/{assetFiatType} //only usd is available at this moment

//Response Schema

    "wire": {
        "accountNumber": "572490710216",
        "routingNumber": "021001208",
        "receiverName": "Big Biz",
        "receiverAddress": {
            "street1": "1234 Sahara Ave",
            "postalCode": "NV",
            "city": "Las Vegas",
            "state": "NV",
            "country": "US"
        "receiverBankName": "Bank of the Lakes",
        "receiverBankAddress": {
            "street1": "123 Cherry Street",
            "street2": "",
            "postalCode": "55812",
            "city": "Duluth",
            "state": "MN",
            "country": "US"
        "swiftCode": "LAKEUS41"

With those wire instructions obtained, display them on your Front End for your end user to copy and take to their bank to send in their wire.


Wires From Individuals

Inbound wire deposits from individuals requires pre-approval from Fortress. Contact your Fortress representative to discuss before giving wire instructions to any individuals.


Correct Instructions

Some times it's helpful to include a disclaimer on your Front End that the end user needs to make sure that they've copied the instructions correctly. Failure to provide the correct instruction at the sending bank can result in delays or even loss of funds if the wire goes through an intermediary.

Updates on new balance

To be notified of any payment reaching a custodial account, make sure you've updated your webhook-config so that you receive updates to account balances.

Testing in sandbox

We've included a call to simulate a wire being sent to an account in our sandbox environment. See the call below:

POST /api/trust/v1/custodial-accounts/sandbox/{custodialAccountId}/start-incoming-wire

//Sample Request Schema

  "amount": 100,
  "origin": "string" //Represents the data we receive from the originating bank. This may include different info depending on the bank. Sandbox will take any string input as a value.