Digital Assets [Sandbox]

In order to best allow for greater functionality and scalability without having to rely on testnet token availability, Fortress has developed an internal token that can be used to simulate all functionality in our sandbox:

  • All crypto balances (besides FLRNS and MATIC on the Polygon network) are now simulated in sandbox.
  • You cannot withdraw crypto in sandbox (besides FLRNS and MATIC on the Polygon network). If you want to send testnet tokens into a sandbox address you can do so, but you will not be able to withdraw them out of the system.
  • You can obtain testnet tokens in sandbox buy using the /trade functionality.
  • For testing incoming onchain deposits, you can use testnet tokens for any of our supported crypto. Alternatively you can buy some FLRNS from our /trade endpoint.
  • For testing outgoing on-chain deposits, you can withdraw either FLRNS or MATIC on the Polygon network.
  • Any other types of crypto we support can still be internally transferred between accounts, and be bought/sold within custodial accounts.