Once an end-user (identity) has been fully verified, you'll be able to start opening accounts for them. Accounts allow a bucket to hold any fiat or digital assets in custody for said end-user. Account functionality includes:

  • Deposits and Withdrawals for fiat/digital assets
  • Allow trading of fiat/digital assets between accounts
  • Holds a readable balance for different states of fiat/digital assets
  • Contains transaction history for the particular account

Note: An identity can have multiple accounts opened allowing your customer to have segregated funds.


Payment Methods

Remember, saved payment methods are related to a particular identity, allowing an end-user to use saved payment methods across any of their accounts!

Account Types

There are several account types that Fortress facilitates depending on the end user or the functionality that you need:

  • Personal Custodial Accounts
  • Business Custodial Accounts
  • Traditional IRA Accounts
  • Roth IRA Accounts
  • SEP IRA Accounts
  • Simple IRA Accounts

Personal Custodial Accounts:
When your integration involves end users having the ability to hold fiat or digital assets, a custodial account can be created for them after they've reached the L1 KYC Level.

Business Custodial Accounts:
The same functionality above applies to business end user's as well (merchants, scorp, ccorp, llc, etc). If your end user is an entity and wants to transact as said entity, hold fiat/assets in the business's name, the business custodial account is for them.