Account Balances

An accounts balance can be queried at anytime. This useful for front end display or checking before an actionable item is going to take place:

GET /api/trust/v1/custodial-accounts/{custodialAccountId}/balances

// response:
  "data": [
            "assetType": "fiatCurrency",
            "assetFiatType": "usd",
            "disbursable": 525.000000000000000000,
            "locked": 0.000000000000000000,
            "pending": 0.000000000000000000,
            "total": 525.000000000000000000,
            "subBalances": {
                "pendingFromTrade": 0.000000000000000000,
                "lockedPendingFromTrade": 0.000000000000000000
disbursableFiat or crypto amount that can be withdrawn or acted upon at a time.
lockedFiat or crypto balance that is not available for activity to the user because it is pending another activity
pendingFiat or crypto balance that is pending settlement or transfer (locked amount)
totalFiat or crypto amount that might have pending activity on the account